Shades Await.

Shades await lost and most lonely

Only to pleased to find and to show me

How they became so that way.

I feel with them here

And many a where

Share turmoil bewilder dismay.

Oh love how they linger

And beckon me nearer

Come with us to share our despair.

Our self-disapproval

Our punishment rueful

Of life that to self-full became.

I sway as they taunt me

Oh love how they tempt me

I feel as they relive the day.

When desperate and woeful

They sought death as hopeful

Yet death didn’t take them away.

They plead with me need of me

Know that I feel and see

Know part of me willing to be.

One of them tearfully

Tugs at my sleeve to grieve

I’m only just able to breath.

Come to me dance with me

Come and be part of me

Suicide angels are we.

We know that your one of us

Part of you part of us

I know I cry just leave me be.


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