The Statue of the Naked Guy.

He stood most naked in the high street

Upon a pedestal they placed him

Over looking passers by

The statue of the naked guy

Some one sprayed him with rude words

Others dressed him in girls clothes

And one night when all alone

Someone took part of him home

He must have seen wars come and go

Naked stood against the foe

But wear he meddle no not one

For how would someone pin one on

They fixed him up from time to time

The statue of the naked guy

Some passers by would ‘vert their eyes

Not me I’d wink I’m sure he tried

And then they took him clean away

A few complaints I’m told they say

I couldn’t bare it took his place

At once arrested in disgrace

I asked the policeman why but why

I am the ghost of the naked guy

He didn’t seem to find this funny

I went to court it cost me money

And now a sign there in his place

A simple notice Vacant Space

For sale this empty pedestal

Please apply to prudes at council.




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