Nothings There.

Flits within the corner eye

And disappears not to be spied

You search in vain your search it hides

It’s grin you feel to your surprise

It’s hard to catch or rationalize

The glimpse of nothings there

A boggart be its name for sure

It came in through your open door

And likes your cupboard under stair

And there it’s homely cluttered lair

And when you’re all and fast asleep

Out it slither tiptoe creeps

To muddle up your gentle dreams

And loiters till you wake

You rise at morning rubbing eyes

There’s something here or there you cry

A laughing sure you heard no lie

A feeling you can’t shake

All day it hovers just behind

The back of somewhere in your mind

You’re sure you must be somehow blind

To what or isn’t there

This elemental darkened sprite

Doesn’t like the sun bright light

And feeling better in the garden

Courage grows and senses harden

Then a twinkling glint idea

I’ll tidy out my under stairs

And later in the darkling eve

You find the boggarts taken leave.




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