‘Shadow Mortals’

A Murder crowned the tops of trees

Winter bare as yet to leaf Just lazy flew but one or two

And mild their raucous sombre

They eyed my eye’s

As tasty morsel’s

As I eyed theirs Of Jet black portals

Feather gowned these shadow mortals

Thus paid heed gave token

A Yggdrasil seed In Mossy purse

Touched blood stained red From Blackthorns curse

To go about my way no worse

As I as living carrion

Away then Murder all but one

Who landed near Took gift Then gone

Though cousins of her came to clatter

And seven was their number

Of what I leant I can not tell

As silent as a wishing well

Where midnight tolls a lonely bell

Beneath the water frozen

With feather of the black I write

A wing tip moment as the flight

Beyond our mortal lifes delight

Of harmony both dark and light

Without each other known as born

There is no dusk

There is no dawn

As murder crowns the trees once more

This spring to make their rookery.


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