Old Gooseberry Fool.

Night black as Jack gentleman’s rather fine Waistcoat

a tempting invite from Gooseberry fool,

old Harry old Nick old Horney the goat host

tempt scratch invitation arch wicked his call.

On all Hallows eve turn widdershins thrice

in a circle of Wormwood dark candle flame bright 

with a drop of my blood on a thorn of black rose

for the realm of lost Pluto does beckon me so.

Yet I am no Orpheus though similar my plight

to bring back my love to the dawning sun light

yet Jack hat the tricksters the better of me

now I am the fool and the old Gooseberry.


Autumn Walks

Autumn walks in leafy gown

of red and green and yellow browns

ripe fruits upon the branch and bow

her sweet kiss yet to savour.

Her eyes are wise with wild delights

of gathering storms and dusky skies

a wonder dream through darkling nights

her dance I long to favour.

These Woods.

Autumn Violet winding path the white Deer gently wander,

yet these are not the woods for you,

here choose not you to plunder.

A darkness gathered circled heart grow Nightshade tempting savour,

yet these are not the woods for you;

let these woods be your stranger.

Six whistlers seek a seventh here and Periwinkle wait.

Here is not a place for you,

where white Hare chose to grace.

Yet passed my whisper on you pass while roots grow through my grave.

These where not the woods for you,

now these woods be your fate.

Sweet Undine call to thee

For you are the gentle kiss of the ripple upon my shore of despair,

I gladly cast my self unto the waters enchanted by your tender song.

The tune I know you sing calls only unto me,

and in the shallows we shall meet,

my shell to cast and there shall leave,

share ripples for the shores afar with thee sweet Undine thy relief.

Flower to Flower

The bumblebees clamber the blackberry flowers, the dandelion sun unto moon seed the hours, tell time is of consciousness a moments kiss ours, the embrace of the bumblebees flower to flower.


Here’s my matter here’s my shell, here I dream in here I dwell. Here I shelter Heavens Hell but why I dream? I may as well. Through lifes eternal guessing game, dream it real both night and day, making matter dancing clay, until as dust just blown away.

A Phagos Dream

Upon a mattress and pillow of her leaves I lay awhile to dream. A serpents kiss brings lifes relief as half I die and half I sleep, then deep through roots I fall to blackness, whole become that of her sadness. Grace compassion within me rise, her majesty does grow nearby, and if I wake I vow to seed her, if I die my body feed her. Either way a Beech tree grows to crown the hills of which I roamed.

Nothing For Le Lune

Nothing for le Lune, except the shadow and sadness of her tune. Nothing for le Lune, except the crisp white edge of her. Nothing yet as mighty tides our bodies yearn to her, and Amber tears show loves a lose for her. Yet still I pine for her, and long to dream her. With enchated embrace to come within her, then tranquil lost amoung the dust of her. Sigh for ever loss amour. 

Lemurion Tunes

And what within your eyes I see, I see the sea of ocean green. As deep as time from a timeless dream, comes your kindly patience of eternity. As Luna swells my waves to roll, upon a shore wash tears of gold, and caressing amber within my hand, I climb the path to high green land. ‘Neath seven stars of azurite I catch a glimpse by lightening strike, that I  stand within a star cast ring, and of a storm once held here, the echoes sing, to Lemurion tunes, of Atlantis dreams.  


Beneath a birch I found her there, with apple blossom in her hair, and violet petals cast around, with emeralds upon the ground. On velvet green this harmony, I spoke to her a soft and gently. Aphrodite bless our hours, Anemone of wood to flower, seven ways to meet within us, heptangle of seven colours, wish a spell of us as one, within embrace our passion strong, come grace compassion dance with thee, sweet wildest rose Aphrodite.  

The Fairies Wink

A fleeting flutter, nimble quick. A fairy flit round new leaf tip. Gave me a wink; try this one sip. From acorn cup put to my lip. Upon my tongue sweet nectar drop. My world did spin and then did stop. And blinking much I realised. I now had wings and was her size. Surprised, I found another change. My manly body rearranged. A female form did now have I. She winked again that naughty eye. Then flew me gently hand in hand. And lay me down on velvet land. Embraced and kissed me softly and … I’ve long forgot I was a man.   

Wits’ End.

Follow the path around the bend, down down down to wits’ end, a pea-less whistle a clanger-less bell a broken ladder a bottom-less well where a coin held wish falls wish un-given from a hand long since that’s past and withered within this maze we’re not forgiven it is not hell it is not heaven where some have walked but most are driven, down down down to wits’ end. 

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