‘Shadow Mortals’

A Murder crowned the tops of trees

Winter bare as yet to leaf Just lazy flew but one or two

And mild their raucous sombre

They eyed my eye’s

As tasty morsel’s

As I eyed theirs Of Jet black portals

Feather gowned these shadow mortals

Thus paid heed gave token

A Yggdrasil seed In Mossy purse

Touched blood stained red From Blackthorns curse

To go about my way no worse

As I as living carrion

Away then Murder all but one

Who landed near Took gift Then gone

Though cousins of her came to clatter

And seven was their number

Of what I leant I can not tell

As silent as a wishing well

Where midnight tolls a lonely bell

Beneath the water frozen

With feather of the black I write

A wing tip moment as the flight

Beyond our mortal lifes delight

Of harmony both dark and light

Without each other known as born

There is no dusk

There is no dawn

As murder crowns the trees once more

This spring to make their rookery.


A Snowdrop.

Hope is such a tender fragile flower

When all seems lost we nurture every hour

Until the frost of winter covers all

And the petals wither fade to fall

Yet faiths the rising of the sun

Upon the blossom yet to come

Trust is such a blooded thorn held clasp

Yet to the rose we’re drawn to clasp

When left alone the beauty lasts

Upon the moments as they pass

As faiths the rising of the sun

Upon the blossom yet to come

Truth is change as Bluebells gently ring

Bringing memories of how its always been

I hear them softly on the wind

As Spring eternal calls again

And loves a Snowdrop in the dawn

That grows for you and I as one

And faiths the rising of the sun

Upon the blossom yet to come.

From the Bus.

From the bus I saw…

A lone pine tree

The gentle rise and fall of the prehistoric land

Mole hills in a modern cemetry

And a vacant plot

All of which I shall visit.


As a wounded Otter
Yet cradled in the arms of Epona I can but dream to die
To all but drown within her tender tears
And nurtured gently against her breasts
I pass to ever flow upon the ever tide
Knowing she is always by my side
With the light of the Moon within her eyes.

A Scentless Flower.

Who Walks on the Graves.

Who walks on the graves of the lives I once led?

Who brought to them flowers, who glad I was dead?

And what of tomorrow, to what to return?

This earth as I left it, re suffer this dirth,

Of living a life a soul bound by flesh

Stillborn and silent or first to last breath,

Afflicted the spirit through life unto death.

Who walks on the graves on the lives I once led?

Myself as I shiver and pass overhead.



Here’s my matter here’s my shell

Here I dream in here I dwell

Here I shelter Heavens Hell

But why I dream? I may as well

Through lifes eternal guessing game

Dream it real both night and day

Making matter dancing clay

Until as dust just blown away.


A Billion Ghosts.

May all the coins be chocolate coins

All the notes be lovers letters

Wealth forever coined fools gold

And nobody indebted

A billion ghosts who’ve played this shame

Monopoly of life we’ve made

Do scream at me for this to say

It’s time to put the game away.



The telling silence of ignored

Follows knock upon her door

She won’t come out to sing today

I go to play alone.

On my return to what was wrong

The Coke was chopped the Smack is gone

The door is answered animated

Both are waste annihilated

Share a spliff made for my bother

Deck of Thoth thumbed take these brother

We don’t need no Tarot cards

To see there’s no tomorrow.


In Thames near Streets I once foretold

Somehow all this I felt before

And days go by I get a call

Brother gone when whoring stalled

I load her world into my Mini

Her in front though she don’t know me

Guiding us to her next fix

I leave her world by Hampton Bridge

Then days again another call

Asylum caught her latest fall.


I face a fear and visit Debora

Marc or Spacey Tracy headster

Romance lust is all reviled

A Condom on the playing field

Talk of marriage talk of love

Talk of ever flying Doves

Yet pulling out from darkened halt

I feel foretelling final jolt

That leaves me squirming shocked and shaken

Bleached like tainted snow.


A week or two and then a visit

Shattered hearts with splintered missives

Final fling thrown stark and harsh

We’re tangent shard of broken glass

Yet share a minty-circled kiss

That’s left within my mouth.


Weeks go by I miss a call

A suicide her final fall

I even miss the funeral

The news sends me to grief’s free fall

And life’s a blur before my eyes

Preying for to land and die

Yet tablets just leave me sick

And pissing on the floor.


Come the flash backs here and there

The Monday band and Tiger beer

Barns humpback bridge her scream of fear

Her ghost at Dylan gig

Her Corkscrew tight torment soul

Her ex who beat her on parole

Miscarriages of justice hall

And Bloody sheets in Richmond

Our U turn crash with Taxicab

Her longing eyes her smile her stab

The dress I bought she thought was fab

The belle of T.Rex ball


Years go by and still free falling

Silent phone that’s screaming calling

Ever bells for ever tolling

I still Fucking answer


The Last Straw.

Doomed jaded cursed and old

Future only loss does hold

Expected carry last straws load

When dead end reached upon the road

All onward sight as memory flashback

Lightning stark

No rose tint

Sky cracked

Pearls of wisdom broken stones

Five storms past where nowhere’s home

Foetal fallen struck down clutching curling to the knees

Rising somehow staggering to cliff edge balance tease

Catch twenty two a ticking

Broken roads walked in between

Fall tears amidst the government buildings rusting the machine

Exist on edge existing

A nightmare from a dream

The moment frozen paralysed releasing silent screams

And fifty seven proof percent as breakfast for the day

Relentless comes the sun rise

Death cruelly stays away.


Church Hill.

Neither up nor down Church Hill I stray

‘Tween playground and the graves

Upon this road I pass again

A moment on the way

Where stripped of faith and hope lost raw

‘Neath weather harsh blown rain

Fall skinned alive with insides out

Flesh slithers down the drain

Mix crimson red black deep vein blood

Away wash my remains

Upon Church Hill I stand awhile

‘Tween playground and the graves.


The Dharma Wheel.

The Dharma wheel turns

The karma unfurls

Bringing only the things we have hurled

Planted or sown

Said done or shown

Ultimate thought unto action has grown

Habit encircled all things to re learn

Re live to remember sorrows concern

Yet you are the centre

The jewel in the now

As one with the everything

Shine through your clouds

Never a they or an I only us

Everything suffers this matter bound dust

Truth is but change of better and worse

Ultimate love and compassion our worth

Endure and endeavour

Incite gentle mirth

Tenderness turning the whole of the earth

The moon and the planets

Even the sun

The billions of stars vastly far flung

Infinite void

Empty yet full

We are but thought in the midst of our all

Awakening blossom

Enlightened bright star

Shine with a smile that comes from the heart.


Still Within.

I am still within

The Dharma wheel

Held by hope desire

Of you to know

Lessons for to learn

Before to let go

Sorrow only known

Sorrow only known

I am still without

Love to tender flow

To hold through the night

Together yet alone

To wax and to grow

To shine the full moon glow

Together for to know

The waning darken woe

I am still within

The Dharma wheel

Sorrow only known

The Dharma wheel

Enlighten me

The Dharma wheel


As I a scentless flower.



A Hedgewytch Tree

A tightly twisted knot of darkness

Hides the reason deep by earth

Roots that feed from tearful seasons

Overflowing Well of dirth

Moonrise draws the sap of sorrow

Moon ebb wanes yet sorrow grows

Habitually the tree remains

A Hedgewytch of the old hedgerow

Bitter sweet to fruit from blossom

Better left to rot unknown

On branches thrown in poise of torment

Shadows cast its tale of woe.



Nothings There.

Flits within the corner eye

And disappears not to be spied

You search in vain your search it hides

It’s grin you feel to your surprise

It’s hard to catch or rationalize

The glimpse of nothings there

A boggart be its name for sure

It came in through your open door

And likes your cupboard under stair

And there it’s homely cluttered lair

And when you’re all and fast asleep

Out it slither tiptoe creeps

To muddle up your gentle dreams

And loiters till you wake

You rise at morning rubbing eyes

There’s something here or there you cry

A laughing sure you heard no lie

A feeling you can’t shake

All day it hovers just behind

The back of somewhere in your mind

You’re sure you must be somehow blind

To what or isn’t there

This elemental darkened sprite

Doesn’t like the sun bright light

And feeling better in the garden

Courage grows and senses harden

Then a twinkling glint idea

I’ll tidy out my under stairs

And later in the darkling eve

You find the boggarts taken leave.



The Statue of the Naked Guy.

He stood most naked in the high street

Upon a pedestal they placed him

Over looking passers by

The statue of the naked guy

Some one sprayed him with rude words

Others dressed him in girls clothes

And one night when all alone

Someone took part of him home

He must have seen wars come and go

Naked stood against the foe

But wear he meddle no not one

For how would someone pin one on

They fixed him up from time to time

The statue of the naked guy

Some passers by would ‘vert their eyes

Not me I’d wink I’m sure he tried

And then they took him clean away

A few complaints I’m told they say

I couldn’t bare it took his place

At once arrested in disgrace

I asked the policeman why but why

I am the ghost of the naked guy

He didn’t seem to find this funny

I went to court it cost me money

And now a sign there in his place

A simple notice Vacant Space

For sale this empty pedestal

Please apply to prudes at council.




Cloaked in her petals

To gently undress

Un furling a Moonflowers

Sweet bitter kiss

A silvery bead

She put to my lips

Whist I bound in rapture

Her moments release

To passion the moon glow

To become as one

And flow with the moon flow

To cry as she comes

With tides of the moon sea

A moon cast rainbow

 A silvery bead

Where ever she grows.

The Song of Evermore.

A Fae around my head once flit

Blessed a fleeting light brow kiss

A spark within my darkness lit

To dream of Evermore.

I saw there all of life as one

All Nature proud all Nature strong

And all became that of a song

A song of Evermore.

Yet cast I here as man and bone

Soft tears to cry for Elvin home

To dance when I am all alone

To tunes of Evermore.

And leave before I can return

Like countless others only words

Fragments of a song I heard

The song of Evermore.

The Weather Mask.

With weather mask I watch the sky

Of tumbling clouds where Dragons fly

Who dip and weave and fall to rise

Through billow holes the moonbeams shine

To glance upon the midnight sea

Where deep beneath the spirits heave

And rise as wisps upon the waves

To ride the wind and scream away

I walk beneath while storm rage harsh

To seek the lightning sand struck glass

To add a bead on to the mask

In Elemental praise to dance.

Yellow our Tulips.

Deep shadows creep pale moon light no sound

Chill is the air of this past hallowed ground

I stand still and silent though heart beating pounds

‘Midst broken lost graves overgrown Ivy bound

She comes to me here at this sorrowful place

I cry with her torment kiss tears on her face

Gather her to me and gently embrace

Our sweet memory our love and her grace

We dance once again to the Nightingales song

Tenderly turning the full moon night long

‘Till Blackbird does herald the break of the dawn

And alone once again I stand as she falls

Back to the deep earth ‘neath for to sleep

‘Neath bright Yellow Tulips that grow where we meet

‘Till full of next moon ‘till this promise I keep

Together again for to dance and to weep.

Pitch black the lake.

Raggedy wind withered skyline a tree Wild is the night and many there’s been That’s twisted and gnarled the branches and leaves Whose moon shadows dance on the path that I lead Up to the high Moor Moon black then bright For racing the clouds as Dragons in flight The wind on my face and then at my back For weaving this path an animals track Till drops to a valley high sides Moon escapes The bottom of here be pitch black the lake Where I see none reflected yet know all are here My sorrows my doubts my fears and my tears And sky clad I swim out and dive to the depths Where gone is my reason and empty my breath Till I rise to the surface my hand held in deaths Whose sweet kiss of life be my final request.

Shades Await.

Shades await lost and most lonely

Only to pleased to find and to show me

How they became so that way.

I feel with them here

And many a where

Share turmoil bewilder dismay.

Oh love how they linger

And beckon me nearer

Come with us to share our despair.

Our self-disapproval

Our punishment rueful

Of life that to self-full became.

I sway as they taunt me

Oh love how they tempt me

I feel as they relive the day.

When desperate and woeful

They sought death as hopeful

Yet death didn’t take them away.

They plead with me need of me

Know that I feel and see

Know part of me willing to be.

One of them tearfully

Tugs at my sleeve to grieve

I’m only just able to breath.

Come to me dance with me

Come and be part of me

Suicide angels are we.

We know that your one of us

Part of you part of us

I know I cry just leave me be.

Never Days Go By.

He never found her grave

Never wept upon the soil where beneath she lay

Never raised his fist to the sky that passes over her

Never read her headstone or picked a flower just to take to her

Never days go by

Never weeks months and years of never

Yet ever tears arise and thus shall fall forever

He never found her grave

Beside her for to lay

To draw a final breath

So they may rest together.

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